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Dec 2, 2012

MAC Holiday 2012 Guilty Passions 4 Mini Kits Lipgloss

MAC Holiday 2012 Guilty Passions 4 Mini Kits
4 Cocktail Coral Lipgloss

Box is made of paper and prastic black ribbon is on the top.
Very cute pink package!


4 mini-sized lipglosses came out.

Black ribbons are printed on the bottles which are holiday special edition.

Beautiful coral and pink lipglosses

From up to down : On The Scene, Sublime Shine, Geo Pink, Out Of Glomour


I really love MAC Lipglass because thay smells so delicious like pancakes.
Smell is the biggest reason for me to choose lipstick and lipgloss.
MAC Lipglass smells pancake and Dior Addict Lip maximizer smells chocolate mint in my opinion :9

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