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Sep 29, 2012

10 New Perfumes

I bought new perfumes!

The biggest one is incant charms - Salvatore ferragamo
Beautiful 30ml bottle♡
"Incant Charms" costs only 1,260 yen (about US$16) on this shop.

All the rest are Mini sized perfumes.(4.5 - 5ml)

light blue - D&G
Glow by J.Lo - Jennifer Lopez
Sunset Heat - ESCADA

Marry me! - LANVIN

Rose Essentielle - BVLGARI
Eau de Cologne - BVLGARI

Dolly Girl - ANNA SUI
Secret Wish - ANNA SUI

All the bottles are sooooo pretty! I really love them.

Sep 27, 2012

New eye primer

I bought new eye primer.

marie claire top stage eye color base

I usually order cosmetics on the internet.
Marie Claire is one of the most popular DS cosmetic brands.

Sep 23, 2012

Color Confusion Nails

I uploaded new nail art tutorial videoツ

Color Confusion Nails

This nail art was really FUN!! Please try it♡

Thanks for reading my blog!


Colorful Leopard Nails

I uploaded new nail art tutorial video!
Colorful Leopard Nails

Each nail has different arrangement of colors.

Thanks for reading my blog♡


Pastel Purple Nails Tutorial

I uploaded new nail art tutorial video.

Pastel Purple Nails

Beautiful pastel purple base (essie LILACISM) + black line + glitter silver

I love this color♡

Thanks for reading my blogツ


Sep 11, 2012

Neon Laser Nails Tutorial

I uploaded new video of nail art tutorial.

"Neon Laser Nails Tutorial"

Dark gray polish for base, neon green and pink lines on it.

Cool and chic design, I think ;)